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The Wichita Women's Initiative Network is a non profit 501c3 corporation and all donations are tax deductible

Specific Need donations

If you would like to make your donation for a specific need, please refer to one of the following items when you contact us:

  •  $20.00 buys a gas card to use to and from the program or school.
  •  $40.00 for one month of counseling for one woman.
  •  $90.00 for a 30-day bus pass to & from the program or school.
  •  $150.00 for one week's wages for a woman in the program.
  •  $1,000.00 pays for 6 months participation in therapeutic support group (and     qualifies you for the WINner's Circle!)

financial donations

We appreciate your financial support of Wichita Women's Initiative Network, Inc. Our work continues thanks to generous people like you. Please fill out the form provided on the contact us page or email us to make your tax-deductible pledge.  If you would like to make your donation immediately, please use the PayPal link and follow the directions.  You can contribute by credit card or by using your own PayPal account.  

join the winners circle!

Pledge $1,000 to WIN for a full year! You may pay in one payment, quarterly payments or monthly payments. Your pledge will help to pay for medical care, educational costs and wages for the women in our program.

As a member you will receive periodic updates on our program and the women participating. You will also receive invitations to events during the coming year.


Contact us to submit your $1,000 pledge and include how often and how you would like to make your payments.  We accept major credit cards or PayPal through our payment link on this page.  You can also make your pledge payment by personal check mailed to our office.