​​Wichita Women's Initiative Network Inc

w.i.n.  success stories 

So many women have changed their lives and the course of their future and their family's futures.  WIN is proud to share just a few of them.

board of directors 

Our board members are a wonderful group of people from all walks of life.  They give graciously of their time and resources and are invaluable to our success.  

​Diana Rawlings, ASC

​Development Director

Alishea English-Harris
Case Manager

Alicia Salazar

​Production Coordinator

Karen Schmidt

​Executive Director

Meet the staff at win 

get involved

There are many ways you can help support our mission to assist women in need in the Wichita area. Please consider Wichita Women's Initiative Network, Inc. in your charitable donations, when shopping for gifts, in giving of your time and when you have extra fabric needing a home!

did you know?

On average each year in Wichita the Police Department receives 7,500 domestic violence calls resulting in almost 4,000 arrests for domestic battery.

What we do

Simply providing survivors of mental and physical abuse with job training, employment options or educational opportunities is not enough. Recovery from abuse requires a holistic approach.

WIN focuses on the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of life so true healing can take place.  

Job Readiness Training at WIN provides:  Paid training 20 hours a week.  Job training specifically designed for trauma survivors.  Flexible work schedules.  Safety.  A reference for future jobs.  Access to a food handlers card.

Education at WIN provides: Guidance in setting career and educational goals.  Assistance with tuition and fees as needed.  Tutors to help participants study. Access to a computer and printer with internet.

Encouragement at WIN provides: Daily mentoring and emotional support.  Overview of required therapy, vocational and educational goals.  A weekly support group.  Life skills education including parenting and self defense.

Look at our overview for more detailed information about WIN and the programs we offer.

w.i.n.  history

WIN was founded in 1997 by the Adorers of the Blood of Christ, who are committed to witnessing God's love by empowering others, fostering oneness, celebrating life, forming right relationships and walking as compassionate companions.

For a complete overview ... 

Our Mission statement

Women's Initiative Network is a nonprofit community partnership that provides survivors of abuse with educational and employment opportunities to foster healing and self-sufficiency.

get involved

Be a part of our Mission at WIN.   Help support the work through donations, product purchases, partners in prayer.  

what we do

We provide support to women moving out of abusive relationships. 

mission & vision

We desire that all who seek refuge at W.I.N. will find the support & resources to move forward in their lives.